Trying Your Luck at PUBG

Jackpot is one of the most sought-after games in casinos and even in the online realm. Jackpot is usually a fixed amount, but if the game is a progressive jackpot, then that means the jackpot price will rise as the players place coins in the machine and spin the wheel. A small percentage of every coin played is utilized to feed the jackpot. In the online world of PUBG, however, jackpot is usually a fixed amount.

Hitting the jackpot can almost mean anything.

If you’re traveling, hitting the jackpot might mean being able to reach the place you’ve always wanted to set foot on. Meanwhile, if you’re an LGBT, it might mean being accepted by the people around you. In PUBG, hitting the jackpot means ending victorious after a match.


Regardless of how negative of a thinker you are, getting jackpot in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is possible. It can happen in two ways: You can either visit legit gambling sites and play Jackpot game after depositing your skins or winning a PUBG match by being the last player standing out of 100 players.

If you choose the first one, then you can win by doing the following:

  1. DAPUBG-newDepositing your PUBG skins to the pool
  2. Waiting for the required number of items to be reached or for the site to randomly choose a winner
  3. Winning or losing

In most sites, the higher the value of the skins you deposit, the higher your chances of winning. If you win, you’ll get all the skins in the jackpot but minus the site percent. One depositor will be chosen, and the odds will depend on how valuable your skins are. However, this way of getting jackpot is all about chance. If you’re unfortunate, no matter how precious or rare your skins are, you’ll lose. Really, this is all about luck.

pubg artwork

If you select the other method, which is playing the game, then it won’t depend on luck but on your skills. If you choose to test your ability to survive by playing PUBG, then you have to use your wits and guts to remain alive until everyone else is dead. You have to gather all the resources you need, kill opponents, hide in a safe area, and stay alive for long. In other words, the second way of getting Jackpot in PUBG is less about luck and more about skills. The outcome of your character will depend on well you strategize, move, and shoot.

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